3 Suggestions for Standing Firm in Shaky Political Seasons

Athena Pappas | Patriots Freedom

From my father's point of view, without a thought for self, a true patriot stands up against the stones of condemnation and speaks for those who are given no real voice in the halls of justice or the halls of government. 
Thomas Steinbeck

Condemnation. Accusations. Lies. 

Patriots have faced all of these things over the past two weeks, since that infamous January 6th mess at the U.S. Capitol. Somehow the narrative has shifted to the perpetual blame-game and (as always) the Right is guilty and the Left comes off looking pristine and holy. 

We know it’s not true, of course, but what can we do? Big Tech and the Mainstream Media have conspired to paint us as evil perpetrators. How do good Patriots continue to stand against such false accusations? What can we possibly say or do to prove we’re not the villains they’ve made us out to be? Is it even possible to win such a battle? 

Don’t Give up the Ship!

This isn’t the first time we’ve been falsely accused, of course. There was that time, in 3rd grade, where Bobby Jamison accused you of cheating on a test when he was really the one looking at your paper. And there was that other time, when the neighbor accused you of letting your dog use her yard as a toilet. She was 100% wrong, but you handled the situation the best you could. You were vindicated when your video doorbell proved otherwise. Oh, and don’t forget that time your co-worker accused you of stealing his ideas. There wasn’t an ounce of truth to those accusations and you stood your ground and were proven right in the end. 

Here’s the truth: the world is full of liars and people unwilling to search out truth for themselves. They believe what they want to believe. And they’re more than happy to point fingers, often based on zero evidence. Even when we’re completely innocent, we’ll never be able to convince them. For sure, this makes us feeling like giving up at times.  

So, what’s a Patriot to do when her freedoms are threatened by liars? Here are three suggestions that just might help:

    1. Go on speaking your truth. Just because their narrative is false doesn’t mean yours has to be. Truth is truth. And if I’ve learned anything at all in this life, it’s that truth is eventually uncovered by the light. The Bobby Jamisons get caught. Oh, maybe not the first time. Or the second. But eventually their lying, cheating ways catch up with them. They break a spouse’s heart and she leaves. They rob their employer and end up jobless. They wind up broken, unhappy people. But you? You’re a truth-lover and a truth-teller. That means you can hold your head high, no matter what happens around you. Even in the face of adversity, you can remain strong because truth is on your side. 
    1. Don’t engage. They want to fight. They’re goading, needling, picking, poking, hoping you’ll take the bait. Don’t do it. It’s a trick. You’ll end up on their fishing line with a hook in your jaw. When you take the bait you always lose. I know, I know! You want to respond. But you should walk away from the baited conversations and wait for the ones that give you an open door to speak your truth. There will be opportunities to say just the right thing at just the right time. And when those moments come, it feels so good to finally speak your piece. 
    1. Go on loving. It’s hard, especially in the current political climate. But love people unconditionally, even those you disagree with. All of the division, all of the separation. . .it’s not helping anyone. As much as you are able, live at peace with all men. And women. And children. And Democrats. It might sound cliché to say that love conquers all, but, (in the end), it really does. Better to go down loving than to allow hate to consume your heart. This doesn’t mean you stop standing for truth, of course. It simply means that you somehow find it in your heart to genuinely care about those who are misguided and lost. There may come a day when that liberal friend needs your shoulder to cry on. When she realizes the people she’s put her trust in actually want to steal her freedoms, who will she come looking for? You. She will need someone strong enough (and loving enough) to share her story with. 

You’re a Patriot. You love America. You love your fellow man. And you stand for freedom, no matter what. With truth on your side, these seasons of shaking are manageable. Not fun. . .but manageable. 


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