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We’re unpacking some of the key lies from The Left in an attempt to expose their false narratives. Today I want to touch on a particular lie that genuinely irks me. It’s their “It’s not really what it looks like” spiel. They use this one all the time, and we’re supposed to fall for it. Here are just a few examples: 

It’s Not Really What It Looks Like: 

  • “It just looks like a riot. It’s really a peaceful protest.” 
  • “It just looks like censorship. We’re really protecting the American people from those who want to cause trouble.” 
  • “It just looks like our candidate has cognitive issues. He’s really in excellent shape.” 
  • “It just looks like our candidate didn’t win the election. He really did. We promise.”
  • “It just looks like our candidate didn’t have a big showing at his rallies. We were practicing safe social distancing.” 
  • “It just looks like the COVID cases are going away now that our guy is in the Oval Office. That’s just a coincidence.” 
  • “It just looks like we want to be in control of everyone and everything. Of course we don’t.” 
  • “It just looks like socialism has failed across the globe. It’s really a terrific idea.” 
  • “It just looks like we’re canceling you. We would never really do that.” 
  • “It just looks like we’re trying to take away your 2nd amendment rights. We’re really not.” 
  • “It just looks like we’re murdering babies. We’re really just offering their mothers freedom of choice with their own bodies.” 
  • “It just looks like we care more about illegal/undocumented immigrants than legal ones. Of course we don’t!” 
  • “It just looks like we’re trying to raise your taxes to pay for free services for others. We would never do that.” 
  • It just looks like we’re trying to increase your dependence on the government by shutting down your businesses and offering you free money for not working during the COVID crisis. 
  • It just looks like our healthcare program won’t work, long-term. It really will, we promise. (Oh, and we promise everyone will have affordable coverage!) 
  • “It just looks like we’re going to ban fracking. Why would we do that?”
  • “It just looks like we’re killing jobs during a COVID crisis. We would never do that!” 
  • “It just looks like we’re using the military to our own advantage. That would be terribly unpatriotic!” 
  • “It just looks like we believed in walls when we put all those fences around D.C. You know we can’t stand walls!” 
  • “It just looks like we’re racist because we keep focusing so much on the division between black and white. In reality, we’re not racist at all!” 
  • “It just looks like we’re trying to bend your will, to get you to go along with our ever-changing thoughts on gender and sexuality. We aren’t trying to change your thinking at all!” 
  • “It just looks like we’re in bed with China. That would be wrong, wrong, wrong!”
  • “It just looks like Hunter Biden behaved in appropriately. That’s what the far-right wants you to believe.”
  • “It just looks like the media is on our side. They’re really unbiased.” 
  • “It just looks like Big Tech and the Mainstream Media had it out for Donald Trump. Of course they didn’t!” 
  • “It just looks like global warming is a farce. We all know it’s real science!” 
  • “It just looks like we consider you all guilty until proven innocent. Of course we don’t!” 

Here’s the truth, folks: They want us to believe a lie. They lay out the narrative, ludicrous as it might be, and we’re supposed to fall for it. Only, we’re not. Our eyes are wide open. We’re paying close attention to those lies and countering every one of them with the only thing that matters. . .the truth. 

  • There were riots. 
  • It is censorship. 
  • There do appear to be cognitive issues. 
  • It doesn’t appear your candidate actually won the election. 
  • Your candidate didn’t have a strong showing at his rallies. 
  • It’s not just a coincidence that COVID cases are suddenly leveling out and states are opening up, now that your guy is in office. 
  • You do want to be in control or everyone and everything. 
  • Socialism is a total failure and will never work, no matter where (or how) it’s tried. 
  • You are canceling us. . .right and left. 
  • You are trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights. 
  • You are murdering babies. 60,000,000 so far and more every day. 
  • You do appear to care more about illegal/undocumented immigrants than legal ones. 
  • You are trying to raise our taxes. 
  • You are trying to increase our dependence on the government. 
  • Your government-mandated healthcare program won’t work long-term and will never truly be affordable for all. 
  • You have banned fracking. 
  • You did kill jobs during COVID (and even more, now that the Keystone Pipeline workers have been laid off). 
  • You did use the military to your advantage during the week of the inauguration. 
  • You clearly do believe in walls. . .as long as they’re there to protect you. 
  • Your hyper-focus on race has driven an even bigger wedge between the American people. 
  • You are trying—with every mandate—to change our will and our thinking. 
  • You are in bed with China. 
  • The son of our current president did behave inappropriately. 
  • The media is on your side. 
  • Big Tech and the MSM (Mainstream Media) are totally biased against Donald Trump. 
  • Global warming. . .real science? I don’t think so. 
  • You did label all Trump supporters guilty of the actions of a few on January 6th

Conservative friends, I don’t know about you, but I’m done with their lies. I say it’s time to stand up and tell the truth, once and for all! From this point on, a spade is a spade. 


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