Thomas Welnicki, N.Y. man, arrested, accused of threatening to kill Donald Trump


A New York man was arrested Monday after allegedly making multiple threats to kill former President Donald Trump, his allies and children

Thomas Welnicki, 72, of Rockaway Beach, made the threats over the past two years during voluntary communications with U.S. Capitol Police and U.S. Secret Service representatives, according to court documents.

He allegedly told Capitol Police during a voluntary interview in July 2020 that if Mr. Trump “loses the 2020 election and refused to step down,” he would “acquire weapons” and “take him down.”

Authorities say he also called the Secret Service’s Long Island Resident Office on Jan. 4 last year and left two voicemails threatening to kill Mr. Trump and 12 unnamed members of Congress who he believed supported Mr. Trump.

“I am going to do anything I can to take out [Mr. Trump],” he reportedly said in the first voicemail. “Oh yeah, that’s a threat, come and arrest me. I will do anything I can to take out [Mr. Trump] and his 12 monkeys.”

Mr. Welnicki also claimed there was a $350,000 bounty to kill them and “stated, in substance, that he would aid and abet anyone that would shoot” them, according to court documents.

In September, he reportedly called the Secret Service’s New York Field Office and asked about their protection of former presidents, including Mr. Trump, and their children, and what kind of weapons the agency uses.

In November, court documents state he called the Secret Service’s New York City duty desk at least three times. During the one of the calls, he repeatedly referred to Mr. Trump as “Hitler” and vowed to do “everything” he could to make sure Mr. Trump is dead.

Mr. Welnciki also allegedly called the same office last month and inquired about how to schedule a protest at Mr. Trump’s home and said he “used to own a .22 caliber firearm.”

“The new civil war could break out and taking up arms against the government is justified when ballots don’t matter,” he reportedly said.

Mr. Welnicki is charged with threatening to kill, kidnap and inflict bodily harm on Mr. Trump. He is scheduled to appear in Brooklyn federal court on Monday afternoon.

An attorney for Mr. Trump and a public defender assigned to represent Mr. Welnicki did not immediately respond to requests for comment Monday.

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