Trump calls Dems’ $3.5T spending bill an ‘assault’ on the ‘American dream’: ‘Time to wake up!”


Former President Donald Trump lambasted Democrats on Wednesday for advancing their $3.5 trillion party line spending package in the “dark of night,” arguing the legislation presents an “assault” on the “American dream.”

Mr. Trump, who many still view as the leader of the Republican Party, issued a statement attacking the maneuver only hours after Democrats approved a budget resolution needed to start drafting the package by a 50-49 vote. The vote came at 3 a.m. on Wednesday during a marathon legislative session that saw Republicans offer nearly 50 amendments to delay the package.

“While you were all sleeping, the radical Democrats advanced a plan that will be known as the $3.5 trillion communist plan to destroy America,” said Mr. Trump. “This legislation is an assault on our nation, on our communities, and on the American Dream.”

Democrats have dubbed the $3.5 trillion bill “human infrastructure” in hopes of making it an easier sell to voters, but much of the legislation amounts to a wish list of liberal priorities — amnesty for illegal immigrants, free community college and a repeal of the Trump-era tax cuts, among others.

“It destroys our borders and the rule of law by granting dangerous amnesty that will flood America’s beautiful cities. It will overwhelm our schools, and make our nation less safe,” Mr. Trump said. “It raises taxes like we have never seen, while also making many things you buy every day more expensive (gas, groceries, and much more).

“And don’t forget the crazy Green New Deal. America, you are being robbed in the dark of night,” he added. “It’s time to wake up!” 

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